Songs (or, better yet, albums) about youth


From the perspective of someone looking back? Some examples…

Mountain Goats - All Hail West Texas
M83 - Saturdays = Youth
Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy
Orphans & Vandals - I Am Alive And You Are Dead



It’s a cover but it’s the superior version


‘1979’ (and, I guess ‘Perfect’) by Smashing Pumpkins are really good evocations of this theme; and the idea of looking back on how you used to look forward.

I guess Puberty 2 by Mitski could count, in that I think I remember her saying that that was about one’s twenties feeling like a “second adolescence”. Either way, both that album and Bury Me At Makeout Creek have, to my mind, a very “post-teenage teenage” perspective (if that makes sense)

I also did an album based around the idea myself, which I won’t link to but was called Fake Real Warm


In the Garage by Weezer


was also gonna say 1979, I like how it is written from the perspective of someone young at the time by someone considerably older, adds to the impermanence poignancy, meant I could appreciate it as a bleak youngster and bleak adult. The video for it is perfect too.


“To Forgive” by the Pumpkins is a fantastic one as well.


Arcade Fire has a ton of these I suppose.


Oh shoot, I almost forgot my favorite album of 2016 - Strange Ranger’s Rot Forever (at the time they were named Sioux Falls). It’s kind of a sprawling, exhausting masterpiece with a real sense of lost childhood throughout it. The whole thing is phenomenal, but here’s the album climax:


One of the best ones.


“Look of Love” from the new Hop Along album reflects upon a childhood incident:




been listening to this on repeat this afternoon


American Football’s a pretty good candidate I think.


Gold mine gutted by the bright eyes


the whole of The Silver Gymnasium album as well


I mean it’s about whiskey and cocaine but it still has a halcyon days feel


Eels have a lot of brutal ones.


CHVRCHES’ new album opener, Graffiti, pretty much fits the bill.

Also, the entirety of Let’s Eat Grandma’s I’m All Ears, but that might be cheating, what with them still being youth and all.