Songs/Records that transport you to back to a specific place or time

Tradition broken. I left my wireless headphones at my parents on Friday. Picked up my back up wired headphones but only just realised my phone doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Fuck technology. Getting the bus.

Do what the ‘kids’ do and just blare it out of the phone speaker on the bus. Free Sufjan for everyone. It’ll be great trust me

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Shanice - I Love Your Smile and All-4-One - I Swear… both remind me of toy shopping with my Nan in Wolverhampton during various school holidays in the early 90’s.

Beautiful South - Rotterdam is a long weekend in Blackpool with my parents in autumn 1996 (missed out on a summer holiday that year cause I smashed my elbow just after Euro 96 finished).

Bryan Adams/Mel C - When You’re Gone is Christmas holidays 1998 playing Worms 2 with my bro and some pals from church.

Ooberman - The Magic Treehouse is the last term of first year at uni.

Zwan - Lyric is summer 2003. My mate borrowed his mom’s old VW Polo for most of the summer and this is the track that sticks the most from the mix tape he made.

Erasure - Sometimes. “DJing” at a wedding, aged 10.

So, a friend of my parents used to DJ/Karaoke at weddings and at the local pub. My parents realised I was getting into music more so I used to help out at the pub in the early evenings as it was fun. It was basically just operating the CD player and a basic mixer thing. After a while I got to change it up and include my music. He didn’t mind the help and got a break while he had a pint.

Then at a family wedding on night his stuff was going down pretty badly. His stuff was more older generation stuff and the crowd was quite young. He got annoyed no-one was dancing and stormed off to the bar. He tapped me on the shoulder and said “You’re up”.

I opened with Erasure and suddenly the dancefloor filled. I kept it full for a good hour until he came back. He was really pissed a 10 year old outdid him.

This song reminds me of that night.

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