Songs RUINED by advertising

Remember when this was a song and not just a Homebase abomination?

I genuinely can’t anymore.

Fuck you Peter, fuck you Bjorn and fuck you John.


Showing my age, but:

Bill Withers - Lovely Day. It took until 127 Hours before I could knock the image of the Tetley tea men out of my head.

Bjork - Play Dead. Fucking Vauxhall Vectra.


The Cure’s Pictures of you- some time ago now and I can’t remember the brand, but the pain lingers :wink:

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*Folk you Peter, Folk you Bjorn and Folk you John. Thwee thwee thwe thwe thwe thwe thwee thwee thweeeee…etc


Used to advertise pishy wine during the sponsorship bits of Come Dine With Me, when watching Come Dine With Me was a thing.


I can’t hear the song without thinking about the advert:

Was pleasantly surprised when I heard Blur play The Universal. Forgot it was a good track because of that shitty British Gas advert

Assuming it’s not a different car advert the thing I remember about that is that it wasn’t actually Play Dead but an almost exact copy where they’d just changed it slightly so it’s not like bjork even got paid. I remember this sort of thing used to happen quite often and presumably various lawsuits have stopped it now.
Another one I can remember was Halifax using an imitation of a Jeff Hanson song of all things (wonderful but very obscure Kill Rock Stars artist).

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I really liked the moonpig song before I heard it to death on the advert


Blister In The Sun on every advert it’s on, but especially that perfume one (think it was perfume anyway)

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What was a nice interlude to Empty Nest can only remind me of banking now…


Song 2 on every fucking car ad ever.

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I’m surprised a client said yes to Blister in the Sun. The ad company must have been trolling. Didn’t anyone check out the lyrics? Maybe it was the least worst option after rejecting Add It Up and Country Death Song.

There was a car ad that i think got taken to the cleaners after they tried to get Take Care by Beach House, got turned down and paid some musicians to make what was essentially an exact replica in everything but lyrics. Probably put off others from trying it.


I couldn’t believe my ears when the opening to teenage riot appeared on an advert recently. Nothing can kill my love for that song but it truly disgusted me

Good to hear. Really outrageous doing that imo.

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Very strange one this. It’s a perfume or something as well.

Can we just say any advert that takes a well known pop song and gets a female vocalist to do a slow stripped down version can get in the sea.


Using Suicide to flog perfume.


also not a fan of Someday by The Strokes on a new travel agent’s advert