Songs RUINED by advertising



Using Suicide to flog perfume.



also not a fan of Someday by The Strokes on a new travel agent’s advert


To this day whenever I hear Song 2 I think of Fifa 98


I don’t agree with it, but I remember when someone wrote into NME in 2006 with: “Peter, Bjorn and John? Shit, shit and shit, more like.” :grin:




AO. I just can’t work out if some twatty advertising exec decided to purposely misuse the Ramones for the advert or if the entire company was named after misusing the Ramones.


I was once on hold to British Gas with the Universal (just the intro on a loop) for a total of well over an hour one freezing winter with a fucked up pre-pay meter account. Absolutely ruined it.


If she wrote it and it was licensed then she will have been paid.

Basically when you licence a track you pay 2 fees (usually the same amount)

so for example 10k for publishing (the license of the song) and 10k for the Recording (the license of that recording)

Now what you are usually allowed ot do is just license the publishing (10k) and then do your own version of the recording so you don’t have to pay that amount as well

Its not illegal - its just how it works

Of course…not being able to afford ANY license and then doing a sound-a-like its a twats trick