Songs that are so bad, they're good


E.g. Shaft - Isaac Hayes


Dude looks like a lady


Ces La Vie



I put this on the wrong board, whoops. (I’m still in shock over this whole reality show host buffoon as our new president, you understand.)


Good one


Stardust by Alex Reid


Ant and Dec won the constitutional assembly of the Marshall Islands?


Moved (though I think it would have worked fine as a social board thread)


Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms)


this is one of my most favorite things ever:

granted, it’s a rendition of a song that’s a few centuries old, so not sure if it counts.




This thread was meant for 311. I might have to settle on “Evolution”, their prescient 1999 rap about

  • the future of computing
  • the merits of silicon
  • threatening their personal computers (a perplexing shift in tone)


My love for this song is shameless.



that’s it, i’m killing myself


Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

Great bass line going on there

Actually on refection I may have misunderstood this thread


Too Shy’s not bad. It’s just very much of its time.

This, though. Love the TOTP reruns on BBC 4, they’re up to '83 now so last night we had New Order performing Blue Monday fully live… and… this. What an absolute mess, what the hell is going on here :joy:


This isn’t even bad. It’s just a stellar tune. Actually, I have a thread in mind on that front - not gonna waste it on the weekend crew though.