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No replies for 13 minutes rule.

I seem to recall Hotel California has a sort of circular chord sequence where each chord sort of begs to be followed by the next so it can’t end satisfactorily

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Weirdly I thought of that as the example too!

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Pretty sure every other Rolling Stones song fades out. Always found it strange and a bit lazy. Gives it a real radio feel though and was probably an artistic choice or something

I recall the basement bar Severe’s in Manchester in the mid 90s had a 7" 50s style jukebox but filled with modern tracks, many clearly cut for this purpose, and regardless of the original track they all faded out as was the style of the jukebox’s era

Are we talking about fadeouts, or songs that just STOP without actually coming to a conclusion, as though the studio engineer said “Time’s up” and cut the switch at that point? Because the latter seems to apply to almost every song on the pop charts these days. The cutoff could have come several bars earlier or later and it would make no difference.

Possibly the producers think that when their song cuts out the listener just shuffles to the next one on the playlist anyway so why bother. If there is a few seconds of fadeout or a proper conclusion followed by a second or two of silence, there is the ever-present danger that the listener might get bored and switch stations/channels, and that can’t be allowed to happen.

Fadeouts are a cop-out, but at least they provide a cue that the song is coming to a close.

Im out of the loop here. Can you show me an example?

I’ll post an example if I come across one. The thing is, I don’t listen to that music by choice; I hear it on loudspeaker systems at places like the gym, therefore in most cases I don’t know the name of the song or even the artist.

Strange as one of their better know songs is titled “Not Fade Away”.

Listen to “I Predict” by Sparks. towards the end, they sing “this song will fade out, I predict.”

Does it fadeout? I’m not going to tell you, you’ll have to listen to find out. :wink: