Songs that encapsulate a certain period in your life

Those soundtrack of your life songs that, for various reasons, underline a certain period of your life. They don’t necessarily have to be classics, merely songs that take you back down memory lane when you hear them.

For me the song that takes me back to arguably the happiest period of my life is Eminem’s ‘Love the Way you Lie’ ft. Rihanna

For me it encapsulated the summer of 2010. Was living in Israel on my (belated) gap year, living with friends in west Jerusalem simply having the time of my life from sunrise climbs of Masada, floating in the Dead Sea and dancing at the Western Wall on Shabbat, to clubbing, house parties and meeting the most incredible girl, and at the time it felt like ‘Love the Way you Lie’ was floating out of every bar, café and apartment window and was on every taxi and bus radio.

I heard it for the first time in years in the office the other day it immediately took me back to that endless, golden summer when it was first released. It’s amazing how music can do that.

Do you have particular songs that encapsulate a certain period of your life?

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Yes I do.


^That whole album in fact. When it came out I had finally got a phone that I could play music from, and was living in Berlin for a few months. Will always remind me of watching summer turn into autumn, while taking long walks around the city by myself…

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