Songs that have a new lease of life when played live

Videos welcome

Bon Iver - Blood Bank

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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat
Angel Olsen - Windows

The whole of the PJ Harvey album The Hope Six Demolition Project. It’s a 7/10 album for me but when saw her live perform the album it’s an 8.5 maybe even 9. Poor production on the album but the song come alive when performed live.


Came to say this.


I think most songs are better live.

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Most of Radiohead’s King of the Limbs - saw them near the end of that tour. The stuff that sounded slight and unfinished on record had transformed into these hulking groove monsters.

I caught them doing a (not very) secret show at Glastonbury just after the album was released. There was massive difference. Kinda wish they had road-honed the tracks before recording them - it could have been a beast of a record.


One of the best gigs I ever attended was Liars when they were touring their 2nd album ‘They Were Wrong So We Drowned’. Now I’m fairly certain they only played material from that album ( I’d rinsed the 1st album and the EP they’d released so knew their material well ) but i couldn’t get into ‘They Were Wrong…’ at all. Live though it was pure deranged voodoo.

So yeah, that whole album.


Elbow - The Birds


That’s interesting. I find the album just uninspired musically - maybe the production is a factor in that too? I don’t know enough about production to tell but really interesting if she made the songs come alive in a live setting.


The album is good but not great or anything special for me. I went to two of her Somerset House Sessions when she was recording it and I had huge hopes for the album but they were unfulfilled. Saw her perform most of alot of the album at The Southbank, Field Day and Brixton. The Southbank was a weird gig of recitals and music but the sound and the ways the songs took a new shape was damn impressive at both Field Day and Brixton; especially at Field Day. Was expecting such a great set from her in a field.

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I’m so glad I saw em on the King of Limbs tour, those songs really come into their own onstage

I’d say bmbmbm by Black Midi, the single and album versions dont do justice to how weird an experience it is seeing that song live

That’s probably my favourite song by them that I’ve heard (studio version) but at EOTR it didn’t have anywhere near enough power/weirdness, so I left the set at that point (general consensus was that it wasn’t a great gig by them overall, so might have just been an off day).

One of my favourite songs but must admit I find this live version quite a plod :man_shrugging:

Edit: this to Blood Bank.

Willing to admit that maybe it was the experience of hearing it in a tiny pub having not listened to em before

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Think I prefer the album version!

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This is basically going to be a thread about The Smashing Pumpkins.

The reworked versions of Silverfuck they were doing on the Mellon Collie tour are legendary, with some breaking the 40 minute mark. This might be the most famous one despite the absence of Jimmy. I love how he pushes things past the point of discomfort and then nails you with the Pastichio Medley segments and Bury Me.

And on a much more accessible note, the version of Thru the Eyes of Ruby they were doing in 1996 with the extended heavy outro (introduced by an amazing tension build and a Corgan scream) is transcendent and takes the song to a completely different conclusion.

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And of course, heavy Disarm.

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This and Desire lines for me. Don’t find their live shows as exciting a prospect as I once did unfortunately but those still soar.