Some songs just ace the endings.

Like this one:




Floating points is so good at those songs that build up to a climatic conclusion.


Aye but the final non-ending to this one is pretty neat, ends album brilliantly


Ed Sheeran’s entire catalogue :wink:



A rare example of a song that fades out where the fade-out is totally appropriate:


The Beatles - A Day in the Life.

Do I need to post it? Surely not.


Parquet Courts - Total Football



Specific subgenre of song ending that I’m an absolute sucker for: guitar rock veering into unexpected techno meltdown. To wit:


If we’re talking about climactic builds and then release, this is one of my faves. Good few minutes of tension and then release at 6.13.


The first and second things that come to mind:


Shame’s outro is beautiful too!


I had to limit myself to two, otherwise we’d have a new Smashing Pumpkins thread.

Ok, three. I’ll never forget the first time I heard those bleeding guitars at the end.


It just keeps going and going in the best way possible. Just when you think it can’t get more intense that bendy harmonic lead comes in.


Oh here we go, “Dendron” by The Hotelier. The release of that final brutal buildup after the gut-punch final lyrics into the acoustic progression tying it back to the first song of the album. It might be the best song of the decade so far for me.


Really obvious example. Beginning of the end section starts at 4: 34.


Here’s an amazing one from this year. The song makes a sudden beautiful ambient swerve that ties the album up perfectly.


I could do this forever so last one for now. I love how the tension reaches that unbearable point and then releases into that really sad, pretty final segment.