Songs that immediately shoot you back to your childhood


I was about nine when this came out

Freaks my nut out to this day if I ever hear it


My dad always played this in the car. He was a giant Bowie Dan, and loved it all- his favourite album is still pin ups despite everyone else disliking it

Bang bang


My big sister used to spin liquid sweet harmony on repeat constantly, very loudly
Still hear it when I’m trying to go to sleep


I wasn’t even born when this came out but my Mum used to sing it when she was pottering about the house.


Wonder what the kids growing up with landfill indie like the wombats will turn out like


anything by Duke Ellington, Django Rheinhardt and co. reminds me of Sunday mornings, mum knocking up a roast, watching something really shit on a black and white tv


Hands Up by Ottawan!


you beautiful, young cunt!


Foo Fighters - Everlong/My Hero.

The Colour and The Shape was one of the first albums I bought so the whole thing is very nostalgic, but especially those two songs.



Have fond memories of being at school disco’s with everyone thinking they were so cool and doing the rap to this all the way through. They were simpler times…


I raise you


My first boyfriend was a Badly Drawn Boy fan to that point that he always wore a crap woolly hat in his honour. This song reminds me of being 13 (I used to have to take a left, a sharp left and another left to get to his house so there was that too)


Karate Kid innit



Ah yes I remember these fellows and Limp Bizkit being QUITE the popular Petey’s during my last year and a bit of primary school.
Probably had something to do with tony hawk’s pro skater… just such utter wank though :smiley:


It was because it was the late 90s - 00s

When everything had 'tude

To be fair to Linkin Park ‘Hybrid Theory’ is still one of my go to albums when I’m completely hammered.


I remember one of my friends at school being such a fan of the Rednex he wrote their name in massive letters on his pencil case.

Also I’ve just checked Wikipedia and they’re still going but without a single original member. Bit strange



still don’t know where i would have heard it cos it wasn’t a big single in 95 or anything, but when i bought The Bends in 2003, Planet Telex had this effect on me. must have been used in a TV show or something.