Songs that make you physically react in an irresistable way


really, really hard to listen with headphones on because the bit where it explodes makes me need to flail around like Cedric Bixler-Zavala being attacked by wasps.


sometimes I’ll play air-bass to the theme from Toejam & Earl

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This description makes me want to listen to this. Will throw it on when I’m home from work.

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The explosion in this tune makes my knees buckle and my neck hurt


and this song kicking in makes me dance like a motherfucker


Speaking of:

That whole sequence leading up to the “Never heard a man” speak part is so tense and disorienting, and how the drums build into Cedric’s high note and that riff. It makes my heart race every time and is one of the best neck snap moments.

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not the same every time but def the most physical response I’ve ever had to music.

was walking home from the industrial estate, took a shortcut down this little alley with big warehouse buildings either side. had been a bit stormy all night & just as this came on my headphones and I walked into the alley it picked up to gale force winds… came blasting straight into my face and mouth like I was in a wind tunnel.

never felt anything like it really, every nerve in my body was fizzing, like the best E ever. still get a bit of the prickly face after glow when I listen to it now.