Songs that make you think of shit alternative nights you went to as a teeanger


A spin-off from the other thread. I’m stuck indoors doing work. 15 year old me was probably having more fun on a friday, leaving horrible bottles of wine or lambrini in the bushes outside the local crap alternative night to drink later at my leisure. It had the luxury of an indie room and a metal room.



I went to the hip hop and r+b night at trash when I was 12 and the music was actually great, wish I could go back but it burned down :cry:


Think i even found one of the posters lol (2008)

I really hate this song, idek why but it really presses my cider


Maximo Party :smile:


The crappy metal night that played this^ loads and stuff like chop suey, enjoyed it though all the larpers would go (my lab partner was one too)


This one’s from the illegal drinking years, where I got my first clear idea that Plymouth was around 10 cultural years behind the rest of the world.


They’ve got the Beatles twice too :expressionless:


Clor - Love + Pain

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends

Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor


Great song!


A lot of crossover with Kingston’s New Slang here.


What a mess.


Haha those types of nights were awful, full of people in cardigans shuffling around who were worse at dancing than me (which is saying a lot). I honestly just preferred the room that played stuff like this


Zone in Wakefield (always stuck out like a sore thumb)

brilliant times really



In fairness to New Slang they punched well above their weight with the live bands you’d get before the massive awkward dance. Saw Foals there in 2008, when they were already far too big to be playing a factory-themed club in Kingston.


Indie night classic


We didn’t get anything good like that, just the bad dancing :dizzy_face:


Didn’t go to any alternative nights when I was at school (none existed within 20 miles), so the first indie disco I went to was Bulletproof at Rockshots in Newcastle. They played this a lot. The album came out 20 years ago today:


Stick a Wombats tune of your choice in as well and you’ve got a great bunch of tunes there