Songs that require little to no tweaking to pass as being from another band

I could have sworn there was already a thread for this, but I can only find three related ones that don’t quite get at it.

Can you think of any songs that would require little or no tweaking to pass as being by another band? Obvious and non-obvious replies are both encouraged.

Hopefully this might be a good way to discover some more bands and spark a few discussions / arguments along the way.

One of the two that made me start this thread - it seems like very little would need to be done to Elliott Smith’s “L.A.” for it to fit on Stone Temple Pilots’ Tiny Music. That riff and fill are very Dean DeLeo, as is the lead guitar sound. The vocal line seems practically built for Scott Weiland’s voice too.

I can easily see it being on an album with “Seven Caged Tigers”.

The second one that is probably going to get me ripped apart - “Star” by Jesu is the greatest, longest Blink 182 song that they forgot to write in 2003. He even sounds like Mark Hoppus.

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When I first heard “Save A Prayer” on the radio (yes I am that old), I presumed it was the new Japan single. Still maintain it should have been Sylvian singing that track.

Thought this was a windup but Christ, if you wind the guitars back a bit is does sound like him on that box car racer song

I always think that ‘Studio Suicide, 1980’ by Tim Hecker could kind of pass as an extract of a William Basinski composition

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Remember when The Enemy released an album and literally every song sounded like a 90s Brit group (Pulp, Oasis etc). I’m sure there was a great video which cut from the Enemy to the songs they copied almost seamlessly for most tracks on the album.


This one isn’t quite as seamless for me as the other two, but I’ve always thought “Bodysnatchers”
by Radiohead could easily be a Pearl Jam song. That riff is pure Stone Gossard, and the vocal lines (especially the chorus and outro) feel like they were specifically written for Eddie Vedder’s voice.


‘Where I Find My Heaven’ by Gigolo Aunts could easily pass as a Teenage Fanclub song.

There was this thread from the old forum

But yeah, I’m sure there is a compilation of the whole lot somewhere.

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Dumb and Dumber greatest movie of all time!

Game on , good sitcom.

Agree it could be a TF song.

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A posted this in another thread yesterday but the new Field Music song ‘Count it Up’ could be a Taking Heads song.

This song by Eric Carmen is the best Beach Boys song that Brian Wilson never wrote:

that awful Closing Time song sounds like late-era shit Weezer

Oh yeah, definitely not a wind up! It was the first thought I had when I heard it, it easily could have fit on the self-titled album or even Neighborhoods.

haha that’s brilliant!