Songs that rip off other songs (rolling)

Only just realised this

Lifts from this

Apparently Mac Demarco talked about lifting from Picture Book at the time, so whatever

Please share any discoveries you make

Rips off…

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Heard a total one of these the other day but can’t remember either of the songs. Sorry.

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practically all of them

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Give an interesting example then ruffers

Rips off

I will!

is just

I think he’s pretty bad for this actually.

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Rips off


That’s a sample or interpolation so it doesn’t really meet the specs of the thread I’m afraid. It does go to show that MDM isn’t hugely original, though I think he’d admit that also

Don’t think it is a sample is it? Maybe it is. I thought he just lifted it.

Not as much as this does:


Forget it, got the wrong album

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The intro to About You Now by Sugababes rips off Hard To Explain

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Apologies, I thought it was but it doesn’t seem to be credited on the wiki. Pretty blatant that one

He’s done it here as well. The Chorus of this:

Is just this

Though he openly talked about that in an interview
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Though apparently Chris Martin got permission from Ralf Hutter to use the melody, so it probably doesn’t count.

Night Tryst by Narrow Head

is an outright fusion of Hello Kitty Kat and Frail and Bedazzled by The Smashing Pumpkins.

Cat Like Thief by Box Car Racer

has the same music as You’ve Got So Far to Go by The Alkaline Trio

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Feeder being ripped off by Football Mother.


Oasis ripped off this