Songs that segue into the next track inspired by Glassjaw (in front of 6 people) going from Tio Your Bartender to YTYJFL

The Dwarves - Unrepentant into We Must Have Blood

Entirety of Colours by Between the Buried and Me

Giants Causeway into Far Pavillions by Trail of Dead

Sleater-Kinney - Let’s Call It Love into Night Light

Radiohead - Optimistic into In Limbo


Neutral Milk Hotel were kings at this, I think the best example is Two headed boy into the Fool, that funeral march cacophony comes in with such colour. Also huge soft spot for untitled into two headed boy II, the jumbled haziness giving way to those simple acoustic chords.


Master of my Craft/Borrowed Time and also Donuts Only/Yr No Stoner on Light Up Gold by the Parquet Courts.


A lot on Mew …glass handed kites

Was literally just about to post this.

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Moonjock into Today’s Supernatural from Animal Collective’s Centipede Hz is wonderful. The transitions across the album are probably the best bit about it, loads of really well done sound collagey bits


Just the best.


The Afghan Whigs with Royal Cream and I Am Fire off of their reunion album. I wish he had kept them as one song, it could have been a song of the decade candidate.

Dream House and Irresitable by Deafheaven


The World At Large into Float On.


The Final Sounds > A Forest (from memory).

One Step at a Time > Pink Turns to Blue (again from memory).

If I’m wrong and they don’t segue, they set up the main (2nd tracks) superbly and enhance them even further than the great levels they already have.

Jeff Rosenstock has a bunch of these on Worry.

Archers Of Loaf

Lowest Part Is Free :arrow_right: Freezing Point

Seeing this live at The Union Chapel was probably one of the best things I’ve seen live ever. Perfect.

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Segue Segue Sputnik

My favourite example of this is Ring The Bell into Cross The Road, Molina on the album Didn’t It Rain by the band Songs: Ohia

3:25 Postmortem bleeding into Raining Blood where you can actually hear the gates of Hell open.

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Pretty sure that’s just one of them letting the dog out

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Came here to say NMH but for Gardenhead into Leave Me Alone which is one of the most goosebump inducing musical moments I can think of (guess it might not count as they’re a single track on the album?)

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