Songs that sound alike


Hi guys,
I was listening to this song “Each time you fall in love” by Cigarettes after Sex, then I notices something. The instrumental from 4:00 to the end really sounded familiar, I must have heard from some other song but I couldn’t remember.
Can anyone help me?
Many thanks!



No studio version of that on YouTube for some reason.



Blatant, but probably a sample in retrospect.


There’s a song on Mutant by Arca that sounds exactly like a section from a Cardiacs song, except, y’know, transliterated into his equally odd electronic language. It’s probably coincidence, but I’d love to know if it was done with any awareness.



Remember that the enemy album where each song was a rip off of a much better song.



The Jam just deleting the vocals on Taxman by The Beatles, throwing some of Wellers lyrics at it and calling it ‘Start’.


Can’t find a decent version of it on YouTube, but Hope by REM (off Up) is very close to Suzanne by Leonard Cohen - so much so that Cohen was included in the songwriting credits with Buck, Mills and Stipe.


Video 1: Entire Tom Petty back catalogue
Video 2: Entire Noah & The Whale back catalogue


Speaking of Petty, ‘American Girl’ = ‘Last Nite’ by The Strokes. Also, the bit where the guitar breaks down towards the end was ripped for something else but I can’t remember what.
Oasis - Rutles of course.
Nirvana fans have a listen to ‘Eighties’ by Killing Joke.


REM - It’s The End Of The World As We Know It
Billy Joel - We Didn’t Start The Fire

Same “type” of song for me where loads of words are quickly spoken/semi sung to a catchy tune.





Someone just pointed this out to me the other day:

(sorry if this is well known)


They dont sound anything alike


Uncle Salty by Aerosmith and some Shania Twain song