Songs that sound alike

took me ages to notice this:

The Flaming Lips- Fight Test and Cat Stevens- Father and Son

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Don’t the Flaming Lips have to pay royalties for that now or something?

From the look of it, yes. Still don’t get why they ended up ripping off such a well-known song (if it was intentional)

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I hadn’t heard the Cat Stevens song until relatively recently, but was surprised at just how obvious a lift it was.



Smells Like Teen Spirit / Never Gonna Give You Up.

Whoa never heard that before, thats even more similar!

I guess not so much sounds like but almost a cover


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(we Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet
1000 Years
A Mess Of Blues
A Planet Called Monday
A Reason For Living
A Softer Ride
A Year
Accident Prone
Address Book
Again And Again
Ain’t Complaining
All Around My Hat
All Stand Up
All The Reasons
All Through The Night
All We Really Wanna Do
Almost But Not Quite There
Analyse Time
And I Do
And It’s Better Now
Anniversary Waltz Part 1 & 2
Another Game In Town
Another Shipwreck
Antique Angelique
April Spring Summer And Wednesday
Are You Growing Tired Of My Love
Auntie Nellie
Baby Boy
Back On My Feet
Bad Company
Better Times
Big Fat Mama
Big Man
Black Veils Of Melancholoy
Black Veils Of Melancholy
Blessed Are The Meek
Blue Eyed Lady
Blue For You
Break The Rules
Breaking Away
Bring It On Home
Broken Man
Burning Bridges
Bye Bye Johnny
Calling The Shots
Can’t Be Done
Can’t Give You More
Come Rock With Me|rockin’ On
Coming And Going
Crawling From The Wreckage
Cream Of The Crop
Cross That Bridge
Dead In The Water
Dear John
Dirty Water
Do You Live In Fire?
Doesn’t Matter
Doing It All For You
Don’t Drive My Car
Don’t Give It Up
Don’t Mind If I Do
Don’t Stop
Don’t Stop Me Now
Don’t Think It Matters
Don’t Waste My Time
Down Down
Down The Dustpipe
Down To You
Drifting Away
Driving To Glory
Ease Your Mind
Easy Your Mind
Elizabeth Dreams
End Of The Line
Enough Is Enough
Everytime I Think Of You
Face Without A Soul
Fakin’ The Blues
Falling In Falling Out
Fame Or Money
Famous In The Last Century
Fighting With The Pack
Fine Fine Fine
For You
Forty—five Hundred Times
Fun Fun Fun
Genleman Joe’s Sidewalk Cafe
Gentleman Joe’s Sidewalk Cafe
Get Back
Get Out And Walk
Get Out Of Denver
Getting Better
Going Down For The First Time
Going Down Town Tonight
Gone Thru The Slips
Gonna Teach You To Love Me
Good Golly, Miss Molly
Good Sign
Green Tambourine
Hard Ride
Hard Time
Heart On Hold
Heavy Daze
Heavy Traffic
High Flyer
Hold You Back
Hound Dog
Hurdy Gurdy Man
I (who Have Nothing)
I Can Hear The Grass Grow
I Didn’t Mean It
I Knew The Bride
I Know You’re Leaving
I Love Rock And Roll
I Saw The Light
I Should Have Know
I Want It
I Want The World To Know
I Wonder Why
Ice In The Sun
In My Chair
In The Army Now
In Your Eyes
Is It Really Me?
Is It Really Me? | Gotta Go Home
Is There A Better Way
I’ll Never Get Over You
I’m Giving Up My Worrying
I’m Giving Up My Worryin’
Jam Side Downs
Johnny And Mary
Junior’s Wailing
Junor’s Wailing
Just Take Me
Keep Me Guessing
Keep ’em Coming
Lakky Lady
Late Last Night
Lazy Poker Blues
Lean Machine
Let Me Fly
Let’s Ride
Let’s Work Together
Like A Good Girl
Like A Zombie
Like It Or Not
Little Dreamer
Little Lady
Little Me And You
Little Miss Nothing
Little White Lies
Living On A Island
Living On An Island
Lonely Man
Lonely Night
Long Ago
Long Legged Girls
Long Legged Linda
Lover Of The Human Race
Mad About The Boy
Make Me Stay A Little Bit Longer
Making Waves
Man Overboard
Marguerita Time
Mean Girl
Memphis Tennessee
Mister Mind Detector
Mony Mony
Most Of The Time
Mountain Lady
Mr. Mind Detector
Mysteries From The Ball
Mystery Song
Nanana (#2)
Nanana (#5)
Nanana (#9)
Need Your Love
Neighbour Neighbour
Never Too Late
No Contract
No Problems
Not At All
Not Fade Away
Nothing At All
Nothing Comes Easy
Obstruction Day
Oh Baby
Oh What A Night
Oh! What A Night
Old Time Rock & Roll
Ol’ Rag Blues
Once Bitten Twice Shy
One For The Money
One Man Band
Over And Done
Over The Edge
Paper Plane
Paradise Flats
Perfect Remedy
Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Point Of No Return
Poor Old Man
Proud Mary
Raining In My Heart
Rave On
Reason For Goodbye
Reason For Living
Red Sky
Ring Of A Change
Roadhouse Blues
Rock Till You Drop
Rock ’n’ Roll
Rockers Rollin’
Rockin’ All Over The World
Rock’n Me
Roll Over Beethoven
Roll Over Lay Down
Roll The Dice
Rolling Home
Rotten To The Bone
Round And Round
Rude Awakening Time
Run To Mummy
Runaround Sue
Running All Over The World
Safety Dance
Sail Away
Save Me
Sea Cruise
Shady Lady
She Don’t Fool Me
She Knew Too Much
Sherri, Don’t Fail Me Now
Shine On
Shy Fly
Slow Train
So Ends Another Life
So It Really Me|gotta Go Home
Soft In The Head
Softer Ride
Someone Show Me Home
Someone’s Learning
Something About You Baby I Like
Something’s Going On In My Head
Spicks And Specks
Spics And Specs
Spinning Wheel Blues
Stay The Night
Sunny Cellophane Skies
Sweet Home Chicago
Take Me Away
Technicolor Dreams
Technicolour Dreams
Temporary Friend
That’s A Fact
That’s Alright
The Clown
The Future’s So Bright I Getta Wear Shades
The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
The Greatest Fighter
The Loving Game
The Name Of The Game
The Power Of Rock
The Price Of Love (60’s Version)
The Price Of Love (90’s Version)
The Wanderer
The Way I Am
The Way It Goes
The Wild Ones
Throw Her A Line
Tilting At The Mill
Time To Fly
To Be Free
Tommy’s In Love
Too Close To The Ground
Too Far Gone
Tossin’ And Turnin’
Tune To The Music
Twenty Wild Horses
Under The Influence
Unspoken Words
Velvet Curtains
Wait A Minute
Walking With My Angel
Warning Shot
Way Down
What To Do
What You’re Proposin’
Whatever You Want
When He Passed By
When I Awake
When I’m Dead And Gone
When My Mind Is Not Live
When The Mind Is Not Live
When You Walk In The Room
Where I Am
Who Am I?
Who Asked You?
Who Gets The Love?
Wild Side Of Life
Win Or Lose
You Don’t Own Me
You Lost The Love
You Never Can Tell (teenage Wedding)
Young Pretender
Your Kind Of Love
Your Smiling Face

by Status Quo

It’s before both too.

I’m sure Oasis will be feature a lot on this thread, first one that came to mind was Same Size Feet and The Hindu Times


There’s so many, pretty much most have been added onto this mix - YouTube

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