Songs that successfully recreate another artist's 'sound'/style entirely

Been hearing this song a lot on Sirius Radio since arriving in the States. Though it is almost identical sonically to The Cure’s A Forest, I think the chord progression and vocals really suit it. So probably for the best that they just leaned into it?

Edit (goddamn annoying phone): any other good recent examples of this?


Tortoise DJed
Or Stereolab -
Both really owing a lot to ‘krautrock’ but reinventing it too

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James Murphy went to great sound engineer nerdy lengths to recreate the piano sound from “Heroes” for this remix, which alone is the most James Murphy thing he did probably.


If my phone hadn’t been annoying and posted before i finished I was going to specify that I was looking for songs that did absolutely nothing different to the original artist aside from the chord progression and/or prominent melodies. Like they have just decided to recreate another act’s sound wholesale, but in the end they’ve done a pretty good job of it, rather than e.g. vocals and bass in Interpol obviously sound like Joy Division but they clearly draw from other influences and add new ideas too.

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An obvious one but yeesh……


Tough thread this, far easier to think of ones who achieved it but created a far inferior version. Like when Headswim decided they really liked OK Computer

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I think about these all the time and whenever a thread like this pops up my mind goes completely blank.


The comments on that Billie Toppy song are “interesting” :smiley:

Mogwai does the Pumpkins a lot.

Mogwai Fear Satan and Silverfuck

Ceiling Granny and Siamese Dream in general (and Inkless off of Oceania)

Mogwai in general and a bunch of Mellon Collie demos

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Big Thief does the Pumpkins a LOT.

Century vs. Whir

Interstate vs. New Wave A to G

A lot of their acoustic stuff including her solo material basically recreates the softer stuff from the Pisces Iscariot era and the Machina Acoustic Demos.

Can’t handle the truth.

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Should probably just link this post so I don’t spend all day recreating it.

Strange Ranger (as Sioux Falls) doing Modest Mouse. It’s uncanny. What an outro.

I think every song on Billy Joel’s Innocent Man album is based on the style of another artist.

Uptown Girl is Frankie Valley and the 4 Seasons

Deaf Wish doing a perfect early Trail of the Dead with Metal Carnage.

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Think the OP sounds more like Jumping Someone Else’s Train or Primary than A Forest. Definitely huge Cure vibes in general though.

Good this, never heard of them, just got the single from Bandcamp, thanks.


Solid contender for worst song of all time

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