Songs that you are absolutely 100% guaranteed to hear at ALL weddings


I reckon there’s only 1 stone cold 100% guaranteed wedding song;

Dancing Queen

  • Yes, every single wedding I’ve ever been too
  • I just hide in the toilets

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add others & vote

I expect high numbers for Crazy in Love but aside from that I dunno if there are any other guaranteed plays. let’s see


La Macarena

  • agree
  • disagree

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Sex On Fire

  • :fire:
  • :poop:

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A wedding without Whitney’s how will I know shouldn’t be legally binding


Hey Ya

  • Sh-shake it, shake it
  • Not even on Polaroidbook mate

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Is this a poll for opinion or whether it’s always played


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • agree
  • disagree

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Whether it’s always played, as per the op.


Love Shack

  • What a tune
  • I don’t like fun

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Come on Eileen

  • I’d love to!
  • No thanks

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  • Agree
  • Disagree

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No idea what this sounds like


Herr Brightside

  • Yes always
  • No never

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Fuck off mate


That acoustic effort written and performed by my mate’s bride’s best mate during the ceremony that made me want to crawl up within my own rectum and suffocate.




(I would quip that it was Frank Turner but I don’t want to cause any upset)


Every wedding we go to where the invite has space for you to request songs, my boyfriend will request Baby Got Back. His success rate at actually getting it played is low - though he managed to get it played at my now-boss’s wedding despite not having been invited


Sweet Caroline

  • I exclusively go to caucasian weddings
  • I know people who aren’t white

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Dancing on the ceiling

  • Yes
  • Sorry, we’ve already played some kasabian

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