Songs they always play


I was reading that REM thread and I was thinking how live they would always always play Losing My Religion and Man on the Moon. They might have some shit album they were promoting, but they’d always get those two out. Same with the Manics, they always do A Design for Life.

What other bands are you guaranteed to see certain songs? And I mean always, not just most of the time, always


Status Quo - Whatever You Want


didn’t know they’d started doing requests


I mean don’t most bands with a ‘hit’ always play said ‘hit’ I assumed that was the case most times but I’ve deffo seen Modest Mouse and they’ve not played Float On soooo who knows.


It’s still their second most played song though.




UPDATE: I suppose I should have said that we will take it as read that one-hit wonders and nostalgia acts always play their big hits, I mean bands that are still in the game, man


I saw The Wombles and they played Whenever You’re A Womble first, death sentance as everyone left straight after.


I would imagine the Foo Fighters always play a particular one of their good ones every gig. I don’t actually know what would be the definitive FF single, but they’re exactly THAT sort of band who are like a puppy and always want to please their audience.


No one hung around for The Wombling Song?


AC/DC have pretty much played the same set-list for the past 25 years.

Usually the title track from the latest album is stuck in there somewhere only to be dropped by the time the next tour rolls around.

Primal Scream are always going to do Rocks, Movin On Up and Country Girl

Metallica are always going to do Enter Sandman


I would have thought it was Everlong with them, isn’t it.


I dunno. This is a Call? Monkey Wrench? Learn to Fly? Feels like there are a few contenders for the spot really.


Ah but this is my point, they’ve got a few songs that they usually play but nothing where you can turn up to the gig nailed on knowing they’re going to play it. That’s what I’m after.


The one about creeping


Yeah, I reckon you’re right and TLC always play that one.


The Los campesinos?


Foo Fighters always do that one that is just Dave talking at length to the audience like an utter fuckwit, while the rest of the band stand there looking embarrassed and bored and secretly hoping their side projects start gaining a bit of interest so they can bin off the sad cabaret act they have inadvertently become part of.

Oh, and probably Everlong too.


Or indeed Remember You’re A Womble…


the sunny day real estate reformation explained, there…