Songs to play on acoustic guitar (rolling)


I learned a couple of Nick Drake songs recently, and I’ve been dabbling with bits of other songs, but I find it quite easy to get bored. please post songs with good acoustic parts in here, with tabs or instructional youtube videos, and talk about playing guitar and whatnot, if that’s alright?

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Puff Puff Give by Hannah’s Field


might make the thread an #ssp to avoid this sort of thing, tbf tbh fwiw




Mountain goats and neutral milk hotel are good for open chord stuff. There is a site called chordify, you paste in a YouTube link and it will show the chords as it plays, only really works for simple chords but still


Serious answer - Dee by Randy Rhodes (think it’s on one of Ozzy Osbourne’s albums). It’s a short, semi-classical piece, fun to play, and sounds much more impressive than it is.


Hotel California


I’ve recently learnt/still learning

Nobody’s Dirty Business by Mississippi John Hurt
Deep River Blues by Doc Watson

The first one is a good one to start on if you want to learn Travis style picking, which I’d been meaning to do for years. The second one uses the same technique but is much more complicated.


First song I learnt to play was Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees when I started learning. I have the Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords app on my tablet which is pretty good for finding most tabs/chords. I also like it because you can get the tab to slowly scroll down the page as you play.


thanks for making the first serious reply, things.

kind of looking for more complicated stuff, though. NMH songs are all well simple and that’s what I get bored of.


Super Sharp Shooter



Travis-style picking?

don’t know those two songs. are they countryish or something? I’m very much interested in learning country/folk kind of songs.

thanks for participating in the thread in a non-joke capacity, Smee, really glad to have you on board.


dmy, pal

if i pick up an acoustic guitar this is usually the first thing i think to play:




ooh, yeah. I was listening to Ulver t’other day and they have some similar stuff, it seems.

I do like the interstitial acoustic stuff on Opeth albums. pretty much the level of intricacy I’m looking for, too.

good stuff eric <3


I was thinking it looked more like Greg Rudsedski with a curly mop, actually.


Ah right, sorry I skim read. Have you heard the black heart procession? They do some interesting harmonic minory stuff, the song when we reach the hill has a really nice acoustic part. J masis solo albums or mid era dinosaur Jr have some nice melodic picking