Songs Where Someone In The Band Who Is Not The Singer Is Doing The Singing

and whether you think it’s better / worse / different.

I’ll start with this utter piece of shit Aerosmith song that sounds like an American Trigger from Only Fools And Horsse is singing it.

Mike Mills doing lead vocals for Near Wild Heaven. Great voice which fits well into a great song.


Doesnt quite fit but Grim Heart/Black Rose is song by Converge has a different singing and is quite haunting


Now you are pregnant by the wave pictures

Billabong Valley is one of the best King Gizz songs

Belle and Sebastian are sods for this. Sometimes it’s alright:

Sometimes it’s utter dogshit

Also any of Tobin Sprout’s GBV songs are great


One of the blokes from Chvrches gets to sing from time to time. This isn’t too bad but is still the weakest song on the album:

(Thanks Wishpig for introducing them to the boards, btw)

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Possibly even prefer Jonny’s version to the original. That whole ‘Jonny helm sings …’ ep is brilliant.

Johnny always sings it live too

Spiral Stairs’ Pavement tracks. I like Kennel District quite a bit.


loads of early Jimmy Eat World was more shared in terms of vocals. It’s less distinct as Tom has a way more ‘generic’ voice, but at least a lot of the tracks are bangers.


Alkaline Trio have a lot of songs done by the guy out of blink 182


I like the latter track!

I’m Not Living in the real World is a better example of poor B&S song sung by someone else in my opinion.

I really want to know who this guy is. He also puts in a solid shift at he end of ‘Bitter Boogie’ on Paper Mache Dream Balloon. My money is on one of the drummers but I’ve never been able to find out.

Think it might be the harmonica guy. He sang on some stuff when I saw them live.

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Apparently Mingus used to sing a lot when he played piano, but wasn’t mic’ed up very often. Anyway, he was here and while it’s not really jazz singing, it’s really characterful and great

Yeah, always a highlight when they play it.

I’ve never played the drums so no idea if it’s really
as difficult as I think it is. But the songs where he sings and plays at the same time, like Eskimo kiss, are very impressive.

Here’s a handy live vid:

I think it is the harmonica/keyboard guy from memory of watching the other vids from the same session

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that and Date w/ Ikea