Songs where the guitar solo is the same as the vocal melody

and then decide which one was better

An obvious one to start: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Which is better?
  • When the melody is sung
  • When the melody is played on the guitar

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hate it as a concept, so lazy

it’s the whole reason The Green Album is not actually very good, and Maladroit is clearly the third best Weezer album

think i’ll always choose vocal melody, since that happened earlier in the song and probs has more emotion in it, and i’ll just be wishing the guitar had more variations in it

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  • Guitar
  • Sung

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Hate this, worst thing in music


Turns out Dissers hate this one simple trick!

(I actually quite like it as a musical device, but I prefer it if the vocal melody is used as a jumping off point for something else musical happening too)

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This is not a bad example of what I am referring to here

shit, forgot the poll:

  • guitar
  • sung

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This song can do no wrong so… just don’t even test me rn.

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Have to say this is something I never really paid attention to. :thinking: Now it might bother me.