Songs where the narrative relies on technology we no longer use very much



I was singing 1471 by Arab Strap in the shower this morning, and it got me thinking…

Can anyone think of any other Songs Where the Narrative Relies on Technology We No Longer Use Very Much?

Merry Christmas


Vera Lynn - ‘Dirty Telegram’


Hanging on the telephone.

“I’m in the phone booth its the one across the hall…”


Video killed the radio star


It’s a Girl Thing by My Life Story has a reference to speed dial.

Rialto’s Monday Morning 5.19 kind of relies on the world before mobile phones.


“Got me hoping you’ll page me right now”

'Member pagers? I 'member.


the replacements - answering machine
a tribe called quest - sky pager


Two great songs



came to post 1471 but it’s in the OP. oh well.



The sun always shines on my media streaming device



alone, jealous and stoned by secret machines; “boy waiting by the phone” - bit of a weird idea now



The Cheat’s playing something on a Laserdisc


Return of the Mac