Songs where the title doesn't feature in the lyrics thread



Have You Ever Knocked On Wood?


The title is in the lyrics at the end of the chorus??!



Don’t know what happened there!?


Absolute banger


Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

I think you know it; no need to post it.


Most of Mozart’s bangin’ back catalogue. Bach too.


and likewise “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by I forget who.






Bach catalogue


Assuming you mean the Radiohead song, it’s in the lyrics.


nah if you actually listen to the song you notice that Creep doesn’t have the word Creep in the lyrics


The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars


New Order - Morning Sun
New Order - I See A Ship In The Harbour
New Order - My Life Ain’t No Holiday
New Order - It’s Called Love
New Order - I’ve Never Met Anyone Quite Like You Before
New Order - Let’s Go Out And Have Some Fun
New Order - It Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before
New Order - Every Time I See you Falling
New Order - I’ve Been So Alone
New Order - You’re Much Too Young
New Order - One Of These Days
New Order - This Time



Plus loads more


If you say so…