Songs where you always HAVE to listen to the next one on the album right after

Where even if you’re listening on shuffle you need to turn shuffle off and listen to that next track or it’s just not right.


Master Of My Craft -> Borrowed Time
Parquet Courts.

The best bit of both songs is the transition between the two.

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Repeater-> Brendan #1


Concubine > Fault and Fracture
Father Stretch My Hands pt 1 > pt. 2
King of Carrot Flowers Pt 1 > Pts 2 & 3


Sundays: Here’s Where the Story Ends -> Can’t be Sure

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making a big indie points grab here:

i only really listen to albums, so all songs




Search and Destroy > Gimme Danger

damn you beat me to it, should have got on dis earlier!

Yes! First one I thought of. I think they do that when they play live…

Millionaire -> No One Knows on Songs For The Dead.

The songs don’t even naturally segue into each other but there’s something about the abrupt ending to Millionaire, then the first chords of No One Knows that’s engrained in my mind that I can’t hear one without thinking about the other. I can even ‘hear’ the gap between the two in my head when I think about it in my head as though they’re two parts of one song. Absolutely no idea where this came from.

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Although originally on different sides of the album I can’t listen to I want you (She’s so heavy) wothiut Here Comes the Sun straight after.

Glassjaw - Tip Your Bartender / Mu Empire


Titus andronicus -

still life with hot deuce and silver platter

Followed by

upon viewing Oregon’s landscape with flood of detritus


Trail of Dead - Mistakes & Regrets > Totally Natural


Hotelier - An introduction to the album --> Scope of all this rebuilding


Let Me Drown > My Wave… and then the whole album


also Drop Out -> Hope Street

I’m more Black Cloud > Drop Out but, yeah, Drop Out into Hope Street is fecking brilliant too

Two superchunk posts in a row:

The closing tracks of On the Mouth: Flawless and The Only Piece that You get sort of merge into one another - a punky shouty adrenalin rush before an emotive exhausted breakdown. Both pieces are good on their own but are much improved in the context of their neighbour

Two decades later I still feel anger toward every radio station that would play Brain Stew without Jaded.