Songs where you've no idea what the fuck the lyrics are and then you find out and you share your thoughts about them

Despite having liked the song ‘The Way That He Sings’ by My Morning Jacket for a long time I could barely decipher any of the lyrics. Found them today and they’re pretty good and I like the song even more now.

Please share your own experiences with the group.

Thank you for your contribution.

I too suffer from this malady (Kiedis-itis?) It’s always a great relief when I look up lyrics and they are insightful

I used to think Breakfast at Tiffany’s was actually a good, cool and intelligent song because I thought the chorus went “the book kind of lied, dear”, rather than “well I kind of liked it [the film]” and Deep Blue Something were actually highbrow literary and cinematic critics.

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Being a fan of Goldfrapp I am well used to Alison’s impenetrable word salads (she writes in a similar way to Liz Fraser albeit with less glossolalia - feel is more important than meaning) but Clowns, the exquisitely obfusticated opener to Seventh Tree always took the cake. It was only fairly recently that I found out that behind the folktronics and gorgeous mumbling and cooing it’s really about breast implants and fake tans…


It wasn’t until the memes that I had a look at what the lyrics to Pumped Up Kicks were


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