Songs which are ruined by the guitar solo

Post songs in this thread which would be vastly improved if the guitar solo was removed.

patiently awaits Fred Durst guitar solo video clip



November Rain


fucking freebird man

Perhaps not ruined but black hole sun would be a whole load better without that guitar solo

I love that solo!

So do I tbh, dunno why I posted it :man_shrugging:

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The list of songs which meet this criteria will be a lot longer than the list of songs that re vastly improved by having a guitar solo

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Iirc my main down note on the second Thurston Moore solo album was the tendency towards fairly trad guitar solos from the other guitarist. Not that they were shit or anything, they just jar a bit with the more Thurstonny aspects that resonate w me more

Obviously I actually like this solo but it is noteworthy for how unpleasant it sounds

Woah, i like an SP thing that you dont


The ones that spring to mind are the extraneous solos that appeared on mid-80s Def Jam releases eg. ‘King Of Rock’. I didn’t have a problem with the rock-rap mixture per se, but teenage me just couldn’t comprehend guitar solos, whereas now I’m quite partial.

I still don’t like the guitar wankery on KOR (pointless and crap), but I had a quick listen to ‘No Sleep Til Brooklyn’ and ‘Raising Hell’, and, whilst I wouldn’t say the solos add anything to either track, in retrospect they don’t actually ruin them.

Bruce’s solos on this are awesome. Tom Morello’s fret jizzery is most definitely not awesome.

Going to be honest, just wanted to post a pumpkins solo

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Just about every Slayer solo would be better if someone else played it.

Anything by Vai, Satriani and Malmsteen. :laughing:

this thread confuses my core

This is so so so bad