Songs which go on too long



I wonder how anyone in the band went "Tell you what, Rock Lobster should be 7 mins long, makes a lot of sense that way"

or Smashing Pumpkins writing Breathe as though they were being paid by the minute.
Lose the last four, Corgo.


La Costa Brava by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists is the worst example of this I know. Yeah nice tune Ted, couple of good hooks in there, but I’m FUCKING SICK OF THEM after six cocking minutes.


I kinda like the fact that it has an extended outro and it’s my favourite bit of the song at first, but then it just keeps going and going and outstays its welcome like a DiSer on the couch.


Hey Jude.


How Soon Is Now


As someone who doesn’t really get The Smiths but loves this song, I think it’s just the right length. Could be longer, fuck it.



I’d keep the track name but cut about a minute off it


Nah Rock Lobster is fine. Least it goes somewhere

Around The World by Oasis. 9 minutes!


Yeah, Around the World is far too long. It’s also complete shite. Worst song on Be Here Now I’d say


The intro to ‘Last night I dreamt somebody loved me’ is far too long.


In “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall” by Bob Dylan, I reckon he could have told us that a hard rain was gonna fall a couple of fewer times.

  • Could be cut down in length
  • Wish it went on forever
  • Don’t really like this song enough to care about how long it goes on for

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i don’t think he told us enough :slight_smile:



Teen Spirit: five minutes? Stroll on, Kurt. Could stand to lose two minutes easily.

Just looked up the song’s structure, and I reckon it should end after the second chorus. The choruses are all the same, and repetition sucks away the impact - so take one out. The guitar solo is pointless too, so bin that as well.

Verse 1
Hello, hello, hello, hello


Verse 2
Hello, hello, hello, hello


Solo (same as the verse a la Weezer green album)

Verse 3
Hello, hello, hello, hello


I know it’s the first song on their first album, hence the first song they ever wrote, but they could have used an editor.


What, like this?:

“And it’s a hard, and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard. And it’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.”

Think that’s a bit overkill m8


worst song on that album. should probably have been cut all together, but cut in length? then it doesn’t even work as a joke


I was making a play on the thread title more than anything - I wouldn’t cut it down at all… It works great as a tongue firmly in cheek, overblown and epic album closer.


The Knack – My Sharona

Every song Tool have ever written

Barbarism Begins at Home


Every song on Illinois apart from the skits.