Songs Which Have An Obvious Title But The Artist Went With A Different One For Some Reason



Smash Mouth - Hey Now
Nirvana - Hello How Low


New Order - I See A Ship In The Harbour
Joy Division - People Like You Find It Easy


Queen- We will rock you


Enya - Sail Away


Smash Mouth craze is sweeping DiS


Daft Punk - Rudolph


I went on my dad’s computer a few years ago and saw that my favorite band had released a new song called “Doomed” (he had renamed “Mayonaise”).


You’ve Got a Nerve - The Walkmen


Big Thief - Woop

(One of the absolute best songs of last year)


Pearl Jam - Hearts and Thoughts


What’s happening in this thread?


Future of the Left - Roy


Blur - Woohoo!


The Beatles - Na, Na, Na, Nanana-na!


Just about every song Bob Dylan wrote, especially in the early years.

Prime example: “Everybody Must Get Stoned”. Correct title: “Rainy Day Women #12 and 35”.
The title does not appear anywhere in the song.


Afghan Whigs - Don’t Forget the Alcohol


kelis - I hate you so much right now


Franki Valli - Can’t take my eyes off of you

(Maybe not as obvious as the others but no one ever calls it that)


Radiohead - weirdo


The Smashing Pumpkins - “The Rat in the Cage Song”