Songs which segue well into general conversation



I reckon the popular songs with the best longevity are the ones which people break into from a particular line contained within.

For example, Hot In Herre still comes up semi-occasionally when someone comments on the temperature saying “it’s getting hot in here” or even slight variations thereof. Similarly, Rihanna has found a way to solidify her immortality through the medium of umbrellas, a device frequently used when it rains.

However a song like “Rhythm Of The Night” will never achieve this longevity due to the infrequency that someone will use that phrase. As a result the song gradually disappears from the social consciousness.

What other songs have achieved immortality through this specific form of banality?


Oh yeah


Join me dancing…

Get this all the time


Join me dancing often come up in regular conversation for you?


I think he means the phrase “naked in the rain” comes up a lot in his conversations.


“Careful, that paint is wet/that plate is hot/that acid is ouchy”
“So… what are you saying?”
"[sigh] You can’t touch this."


I think i mean both


Everytime someone mentions sandwiches, I immediately break out a rendition of ‘bandages’ by hot hot heat, but with a key word slightly changed.

Is this the kind of thing you’re after?


That’s exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about and that’s exactly the sort of thing I’d do.



I don’t know if this strictly qualifies, but I know I’m not alone. If anyone, in any situation, begins a query by saying “Question.” and then leaving a pause, that pause is getting filled by me saying “TellmewhatyouthinkaboutmeIbuymyowndiamondsandIbuymyownrings”.

(you have to say it quite fast otherwise they might have started asking the actual question)


Definitely counts.

Solid contribution to the thread.


comes up whenever you leave a rural location


“I’ll tell you what I want”

My dad still has to finish the line whenever someone says this


Whenever I have to inform someone that the forecast is for inclement weather, I always find myself humming “I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today” by Randy Newman.


“I Missed Again” by Phil Collins lends itself to so many situations.

“I missed again like I did last summer.”


Pass me my umbrella… ella… ella… eyy

Thinks it’s the every day nature of the object and the lack of other songs on a similar topic which does it here

Edit 2: in the fackin’ op isn’t it


Every time someone says it was a good day, I’m thinking “she didn’t even have to use her AK”


Husband trots this one out a lot, he usually goes with “no one I know got killed in South Central LA”


“That means nothing to me”
“Oh, Vienna”


A classic. Works both ways too i.e. someone says Vienna and you go “it means nothing to me”. Double the banalities