Songs which you discovered through the cover then found out the original was far superior

Was on a CD I picked up at the Virgin Megastore £1 Boxing Day sale. Was the best song on the album tbf.

Then years later I discovered it was a cover and that the original was better in every single conceivable way.

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I don’t really like Led Zeppelin, but this is the only answer I can think of.

Lily Allen doing Up The Junction

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The one that springs to mind is ‘Slip Inside This House’, as covered by Primal Scream on Screamadelica. Didn’t even realise it was a cover at first, and rated it as one of the better tracks on the album. When I finally heard the 13th Floor Elevators original I was totally blown away and shocked at how little of it had made it into the cover. Suffice it to say that it’s now one of my all time favourite songs, and that my opinion of Screamadelica has never recovered.

The first video is blocked for me. Who is the artist?

Although both versions are great of course


Hallelujah - Alexandra Burke



Remember my dad having a dispute with some amateur hour quizmaster at a pub quiz over ‘Who sang the original’. Great stuff.

Aztec Camera covering the Blue Orchids’ Bad Education.

I wouldn’t say I dislike this cover, but i do prefer the original:

That’s better than Kashmir though :wink:

Annoyingly I feel like there should actually be loads of these examples but I can’t really think of any. I often seem to like covers more than originals, assuming they’re good covers, I mean.

E.g. I much prefer EMF’s cover of I’m A Believer with Vic & Bob to the Monkees’ original.

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Didn’t Smashmouth also do a version?

Actually Neil Diamond’s is the “original” if by that term you mean the one by the composer, though i I have an idea the Monkees recorded it before he did.

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this is better than the original!

Oh right, had no idea about Diamond

Not sure I ever knew Toploader’s version was a cover tbh. #thingsivebeenslowtorealise

a cover of:

Here’s on that was a huge in in 1965 for Australia’s Bobby and Laurie:

I had no idea until recently that it was a cover, written by, of all people, Roger Miller.

They nailed it far better than he did, IMO.

My first encounter with this doozy (thanks to a Kerrang CD)

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