Songs which you discovered through the cover then found out the original was far superior

only discovered this was a cover years after this was a hit, when I first properly got into Neil Young and bought After the Goldrush - still like the cover though

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oh - and I knew this was not written by Evan Dando when this album came out - but had no idea it was from Hair until years and years later when the internet enabled this kind of thing to be searched

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My introduction to Neil Young was this album of cover versions. Then loved the St. Etienne track which came out a year or so after I’d heard a different cover on this. Bought a couple of Neil Young albums but I just can’t get on with his voice (sorry!) so for me it’s been a weird thing where I like some of his songs and appreciate what he does but actually only like cover versions.

Hearing this on the radio this afternoon reminded of the glory of Prince’s original version:

Although unfortunately I can’t find the full original version on You Tube

Think that was in Shrek?

Early St Etienne were good with stuff like that


The first version I heard of Early Morning Rain was Bob Dylan’s cover of it (can’t seem to find any clip).

I much prefer Gordon Lightfoot’s original, not surprising since I generally prefer anyone else’s version of any song, including any Dylan song, to Dylan’s version.

This rendition by Peter Paul & Mary, however, trumps them both:

Likewise I first encountered this song via a cover version, but in my case it was this fairly decent effort by Primus (not as good as the original, though):

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Cindi Lauper version is great but I’m a sucker for jerky new wave songs - see also Hanging on the Telephone by the Nerves posted somewhere above

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that version in Shrek @anon19005845

Actually I always found it interesting that in the movie they effectively cover the EMF version with the ‘bang bang bang OI!’ bit

which I just attributed to Mike Myers being a massive anglophile and so probably liking Vic and Bob and wanting that in there.

There’s an official Smashmouth video but without that bit in. Basically that ridiculous section is the reason I rate the EMF version best. :smiley:

I first heard Peter Pumpkinhead via the Crash Test Dummies of all people.

Obvs original is much much better

I actually think the Chaka version is better than Prince’s in this case - that Stevie Wonder Harmonica

This Soulwax remix banger

Which is originally by Lewis Taylor… AND I CAN’T FIND A VIDEO FFS, but:

I like both, but I don’t think the Chaka version has aged well. The ‘rap’ is excruciating and the production is über 80s (although her vocal and the harmonica are great of course). The simple joy of Prince’s vocal and the slinkiness of the arrangement are just wonderful. Amazing record for a 20 year old to make.

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Struggled to think of one, could only come up with ‘Those Were The Days’ by Mary Hopkin based on Ukrainian folk tune (see Wedding Present storming version):

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Oh no they’re terrible, don’t get me wrong. Just prefer this version to the original

It’s one of the best covers. Changing the time signature = great skills.

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Whose version are you calling “the original”?

Somehow the first version I heard of it (I was only 10 when it came out tbf)

Not the wheatus version :man_shrugging: