Songs with a double punch of distortion


Can anyone think of any songs where you think the distortion has already kicked in, but then the real distortion kicks in? These are the two that made me think of starting this thread.

The Breeders - "New Year"

The Smashing Pumpkins - "Stand Inside Your Love"


Quite a few Idlewild songs, this being the first that springs to mind


Absolutely any excuse to post this. The mid-8/solo is spectacular.


I’ve never listened to them before, and based on this and how highly DiS regards them I probably should.

That was great, I’d never heard of them until now.


Big fan of this sort of thing. First example I thought of:


Not the new stuff though


Also, not sure if this even fits my own criteria, but “Why Does It Shake” by Protomartyr kind of does this by skipping the first level entirely and going right to a level higher than the rest of the entire album. It’s a really great, jarring trick.


Big fan of the layered distorted guitars in the first 30 seconds of Crank by Catherine Wheel (this is so 90s) - I think it’s 24 seconds when the second guitar comes in:

Ditto Harry & Maggie by Swervedriver, where the chorus layers up that nice gazey distortion (from about 55s):

Even if \I’m “doin’ it wrong”, still love these tunes…


Stopped listening to the punpkins after Mellon Collie, Adore never really did it for me. This one is a tune though.


This - when the song ramps up at about the 2 minute mark.


This kind of does it as part of the intro build up:


At about 2:27 in this belter:

Love how J’s vocals don’t change as if there’s a tornado of distortion tearing the studio down and he’s totally unbothered.


Namekuji comes to mind. Most Part Chimp tracks are examples of finding more distortion




You should definitely listen to the machina albums. Both very excellent.

I loved Adore at the time, then after a long break decided that it was shit, then very recently decided that the first half or two thirds is very good but the back end is packed with needless filler.

Machina I & Ii are both great albumss though. Much more like the Pumpkins you know and love



think this might be my favourite Idlewild example:


think this just more low end coming in at the end but still