Songs with a double punch of distortion




I would listen to this version for the “I DON’T HAVE A TELEPHONE” bit alone


Aaaah, Sleigh Bells…


The best song Bleach-era Nirvana never wrote.


Aaaaand, Underground Lovers


Jamie by Weezer was the first song that came to mind, for some reason. Haven’t listened to it for a while but I’m pretty sure the first few strums are mildly distorted before the real distortion kicks in?


So much new music to try! I should have started this thread when I was done figuring out all of the best of the year stuff. Distortion is great and it bothers me that so many people look down on it.


This also reminds me a little bit of a more raw “Lie Without a Liar” by Trail of the Dead.

I really don’t know anything about them - is the rest of their stuff along similar lines / as good?


Actually quite difficult to get hold of their stuff. I have a compilation of all their recordings and to be honest it’s mostly League Two to My Pal’s Premier League.


actually Little Discourage and I Don’t Have The Map do it well too

just stick on 100 Broken Windows in full tbh!


Almost forgot one of the more notable ones, even though I’m still not 100% sure if it’s more distortion or the natural result of playing a very low note through a bass amp. But when the seemingly extra distorted low end comes in after the first verse of “Mondo Generator” by Kyuss, it makes me feel like I’m going to go blind. A bit after the 45 second mark or so.


Can’t believe no one has said Xmas Steps.
Not only it a double punch is on the off beat as well. It’s amazing 4.50 in


The winner!


This is the second thread in the past two months where Xmas Steps / Christmas Steps would have been a perfect answer and I completely forgot about it both times. Plus I just discovered it this year, and it’s my favorite Mogwai song, so it should be fresh on my mind.


I had a thread kinda like this on old DiS but more focused on songs that all the sudden had a fuzz solo seemingly out of nowhere. you may be interested:

made a playlist out of it as well


Pains of being pure at heart - come Saturday


This is right up my alley, thanks! Nothing beats a fuzzed out solo. Early Silversun Pickups were incredible for this.

Here’s one from Built to Spill that would fit both threads. Everything explodes out of nowhere at the 3:16 mark of “Revolution”, I wish there were more instances of Doug Martsch getting randomly aggressive like this.


think this qualifies, knocks my socks off…



Hey Colossus are very good with the double punch distortion. Pick any of their hard hitters. I love that band.
Also, that crumbling guitar solo that opens up another sky at the end of The Axis by Thee Oh Sees is one of my favourite moments.

(no vids as I’m shite at linking them into a post like you clever dudes)