Songs with a double punch of distortion


The solo from this beast


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work ya bastard


Thanks boss, I now feel modern.


I don’t think I’d ever heard Bardo Pond before, but this song seems like my kind of thing. Is the album this is on a good place to start?


Bufo Alvarius, Amanita, Dilate, and Lapsed are great albums. Just jump in and enjoy


Boo Radleys - Does this hurt?

Just at the point when there are already 5 distorted guitars running amok even more come in near the end. Love it.


Forgot about “Laughing Stock” by Grandaddy.


Just discovered Whipping Boy, “Twinkle”'s got a good one:


yo! this one :heart_eyes: utter fuckin’ bliss when the main one crashes in




This one is a lovely slow burn…starts out all clean and dry…then a little way in you start to hear a menacing fuzz sneak into the background…then at 2:15 this nasty, crackling badass solo rips in and takes that shit over before slowly backing out to some nether region while prettier sounds take over.

I miss Girls. Loved all their music.


I’m assuming we can count distorted bass guitar. The intro to this monster is sooo incredibly perfect, over driven crunchy bliss. One goddam muscular nasty song. Will always be one of my fav Queens jams.



One of the best b sides ever


Early Dinosaur Jr definitely the kings of this:




Love this intro


Absolute belter this one


Obsessed with this song at the moment…