Songs with the same stories

Haven’t been round these Music Board parts recently.

I’ve been making connections between songs recently. I heard Rod Stewart’s Young Turks recently and realised bits of it echo Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves, with the always moving groups (teenagers or travellers respectively) rocked by an unplanned teenage pregnancy. Also, Babooska is basically the Pina Colada song, isn’t it. Maybe I’m not the first person to notice this, but what other songs mirror each other?

Prob not really what you’re looking for, but Furb and the other one. Frankee or whatever

What the hell was that all about anyway??

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Classic Lloyd


The opposite of what you asked:

Joni Mitchell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ (‘They paved paradise / Put up a parking lot’) is the exact opposite of Talking Heads’ ‘Nothing But Flowers’ (‘This was a shopping mall / Now it’s covered with flowers / If this is paradise / I wish I had a lawnmower’).


Eamon’s Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) and Frankee’s F.U.R.B. (Fuck You Right Back)



i thought there was close to no chance this would have been posted in the first 3 replies :joy:


also had this well shit tune stuck in my head all lunch

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Which one???!

sort of a hybrid of the two

Might play them both together to see if its a secret zaireeka

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Marvin Gaye - What’s Going On and The Cheeky Girls - The Cheeky Song (Touch My bum)

I thought I had a great one of these a little while ago.

Bruce Springsteen has a song called American Skin (41 shots) about a guy in NY being killed by police after they shot him 41 times.

Killer Mike then raps in Anywhere But Here about passing the place in NY where police shot a guy 41 times.

Turns out it’s a completely seperate case of police shooting a man in NY dead with 41 shots. :frowning:


Modest Mouse’s “Novocain Stain” deals with the same theme.

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Not much of a story but Sash - Encore Une Fois and Daft Punk - One More Time.


Yeah @littlebirds, @anon50098204 posted a completely incomprehensible reply that only made sense after your post cleared things up but you better hang your head in shame!

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Steve Earl’s Galway Girl and Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl? That sort of thing?

If you’re familiar with the oeuvre of eamon and/or frankee, it made perfect sense. RUdolph.

But it’s not the Eamonn and/or Frankee forum.

But it COULD be