Songs with toms!


Love me some toms, I do. Love songs with drum tracks built around toms, where the toms are the main feature of the drumming rather than snare.

Post a couple of your favourite songs that are tom-heavy.

(NB: for the purposes of this thread, I’m happy to include kettles too)

Straitjacket Fits — Spacing

The Cure — Hanging Garden


Came here thinking you meant a different kind of toms. Sorry, don’t know much about drum toms


so which songs feature that sort of toms?


I imagine most bedwetting indie band members wear them…so probably in the rhythm section of a Grizzly Bear song or something.


The Creeper


might as well get this one out of the way

it’s also a song with THOMS


Another reason why this is one of my favourite Radiohead songs


Incubus - Clean