Songs you always skip

I have Harvest by Neil Young on for the first time in a while and while it is one of my all time favourites

What do you usually skip?

Refuse to skip songs and just suffer through the ones I don’t like

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I usually do this tbh but those NY songs are so contrary to anything I would consider enjoyable I hit skip immediately

Think QOTSA’s You Would Know is the only one I skip. Their worst and only bad song. Don’t know why it made the album over The Bronze.

The phone noises, the riff, the moaning, ugh.

Revolution 9


Whatever the 1st song is on ‘Lifted…’ by Bright Eyes

On Speaking in Tongues I tend to skip tracks 1 to 9

Oh, and The Party Song by Blink 182. Total shit.

Don’t Stop by Stone Roses


noooo! can’t help but feel I’ve disagreed with you about this before too


There’s a similar noise collage on a Olivia Tremor Control album that I just deleted from my iTunes

Haha yeah, I remember that too. I just can’t handle it, which is strange since I love everything else.

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I absolutely love A Man Needs a Maid


it’s funny how, like, sounds affect people differently isn’t it. Profound claim I know!


Electioneering and climbing up the walls from OK Computer

Cafe D’Athens from Foals

Several people on here have said that, but I can’t hear anything I enjoy about it. The lyrics are so simple to the point of banality and the orchestration is so overblown for the subject matter- I suppose that is the conceit of the song but it’s not redeemable to me

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yellow submarine

I used to always skip ‘for the benefit of Mr. Kite’ now I skip ‘Within You Without You’

Pretty Penny by Stone Temple Pilots on Purple

Don’t often skip tracks. Cba.