Songs you always skip

For You Always by Minor Victories on the album Minor Victories. I think it’s the album I’ve listened to more than any other over the last few years, but that song always gets skipped.

Apparently Pitchfork in their review of the album described the song as ‘at once completely out of place, completely obnoxious, and completely welcome’. This is accurate apart from the last bit.

This song is the worst on the album, and it is also the point Mark Kozelek makes a guest appearance. I don’t know any of the rest of his work but he comes across unpleasantly in this song, which is apparently supposed to be a recollection of the friendship between Rachel Gosling and himself.

It makes references to him showing up to each gig with a different redhead under his arm, and how he played his show and ‘slept with some ho’. The nicest thing he can find to say about her, apart from looking great, is that she didn’t laugh at his underwear, which should be an obligation for any two people who share affections for each other in my opinion.

I’m a bit riled just thinking about this song to be honest. It helps that the following two songs are absolutely sublime.


They’re just such a massive comedown after Fitter Happier!


blonde on blonde always starts with pledging my time


Song for Clay - not sure i’ve listened to it since the first week I bought the album

that’s one of the few good ones!

It’s the most garbage opening line and was my first teenage introduction to genuine heartbreak

never paid attention to any of his lyrics tbf, assume they’re all bad

I liked them a lot on Silent Alarm but then I’m of the view that’s basically a perfect album, so

Definitely loads of lyrical clangers on every album since then

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Good ethos!..I don’t skip mediocre or average songs for the context of the LP listen but if its properly bad I will - thankfully not too many LPs that I love have this problem

Yeah - must admit those lyrics jarred with me too and as a huge Slowdive fan I always wondered what Rachel made of them…shame as the juxtapositions of their voices do work well

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I’m curious about that too. It’s probably not as bad as I’ve suggested, but I really can’t get on with the song.