Songs you could quite happily never hear again


I don’t usually like these “let’s list things we hate” threads but I get it now. The new starter at work has been playing the same playlist since day one and it’s really getting to me.

No disrespect intended to anyone who likes any of these, but I could quite happily never hear these songs again:

Kate Nash - Foundations
The Feeling - Fill My Little World
Scouting For Girls - She’s So Lovely
Anything by Hard-Fi
Anything by Lilly Allen
Anything by Florence

I used to think I could peacefully coexist with music I dislike, as it’s not like I hear it every day. But now that I’m hearing it every day, we have a problem.

This must be what you all feel like when you hear Coldplay.

Thank you.


No Way No Way by Vanilla.


Are you mad? I love all those songs. Been spinning them in my new office and having a great time.


If you’re really the new starter, turn to me now and say “inconceivable”


I’ve had to walk out of shops before because they’ve started playing Kate Nash. Has a proper nails-down-a-blackboard quality to it


somebody told me by the killers. was fucking everywhere when I was at uni


anything by abba and queen


I feel like I’m suffocating every time she gets to that “BITT-AH/FITT-AH” bit.


The Timewarp
Teenage Dirtbag
Love Shack
Come on Eileen
Living on a Prayer

I’m sure there are more.



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fuck yeah, so much this^


Hey Jude


Don’t Stop Believing


Five Years Time.


Love Shack. HATE it



Even worse misunderstanding of irony than Alanis.


Me too slicky, me too!


Me three!


That Bastille song that sounds like the Stonecutter’s anthem.

(I’m essentially just live blogging the awful playlist at this stage)


love shack, hate bastards