Songs you liked when you were 13/14


I’ve been digging out the NIN and Smashing Pumpkins this week. I was a big fan of them both when I was a teenager. Your generic 90s alternateen I guess. I then realised I was 13 nearly 20 years ago which wasn’t so pleasant.



it was my emo phase so better not to talk about it


not meant as a reply, sorry


no one understands my angst


worked as one, though


that photo is incredible


Look Billy Corgan is a deep soul, and you couldn’t possibly understand.


Still love them now but were the first band i went properly mad on


I still regularly listen to them. Saw Six on vinyl in a charity shop about 5 years ago. The shop was closing and didn’t take cards, and I didn’t have any cash, and it was gone when I came back on another day.

Always been my favourite by them.


I :heart: :heart: :heart: ed 1979.




Thats a huge fave of mine too. Had a special/blown it yahoo chat name at one point :joy:



Them and SFA were two bands I discovered by watching the ITV Chart Show. You forget how hard it was to find stuff like that before the internet.


There was this particularly bleak petrol station near my friend’s house when I was at uni in Reading that somehow always got fixed in my head as the petrol station in the song. (The one near the hospital for Reading people) It was quite a walk to a proper shop, so a visit to their house involved a trip to that depressing petrol station.


still a fuckin choon like


HAHAHAH fuck off where you all this cool when you were 13/14


I enjoyed reading in paul draper’s recent(ish) blogs that it started out as a competition between him and chad about who could use the most chords in a song