Songs you love by bands you don't like

I’ve never been into the Foo Fighters…never seemed to live up to Nirvana’s songwriting but got huge…the big singles like Best of Me and Everlong leave me unmoved…and there’s that whole ‘school or rawk’ schtick that rightly or wrongly I associate with them…BUT…Sunny Day Real Estate rhythm section i think were in the early line up and recently I’ve realised how much I love Walking After You…just a beautiful, heartwrenching song…and how much sugar-rush fun the debut single This is a call still is…I enjoyed that when it came out but nothing else stuck although monkey wrench is also decent.

Also U2…not a fan (though not a hater like many) but Numb I must admit I really like.

Anyone else have strong affection for a tune by a band don’t care for…

Really like Angel of Harlem in U2, even if the into ia a Dylan con. Bono voice in it is great

Think Growing on Me by The Darkness is a properly great song.

Same Old Brand New You by A1 is one of the beat pop songs written

don’t hate architecture in helskinki, but i’m not exactly wild about them, except this song which is probs one of my favourites ever


U2 – New Year’s Day. Brilliant.


Comfortably Numb


Collagen Rock has a pretty good riff.

Champagne Supernova’s quite nice.

Blue Monday’s fun.

This thread is just going to be full of U2 isn’t it. People probably like them more than they are letting on.

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Don’t know any of their other songs (apart from Hang Me Out to Dry) but love this from Cold War Kids

To be honest U2 have a lot of good songs, particularly the 80’s stuff. But Bono is such a complete bellend coupled with their newer stuff being bollocks that it gets overlooked.


I think by now most people here just hate the idea of U2.

My fave Cold War Kids song

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Joshua Tree
Achtung Baby
are all brilliant.

I also really like Pop.
Saw them on their Zoorpa tour and i8t was fucking incredible. Output since all that has been poor and he is a muppet but i’ve still got a lot of time for some of U2s output.


I tell you I was tempted to try for tickets to see them doing Joshua Tree live this year but then obviously it’s going to be modern U2 playing classic U2 and Bono will be Bono-ing it up the whole time. So fuck that!

It’s fuckin’ Bedshaped innit?


Same band for me, different song:

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haha at T many years ago one of my pals who plays the piano and really liked keane wanted to go and see them and really wanted us to go with, we all made our excuses but he whinged like fuck so a couple of us went along with him with every intention of slagging fuck out of them.
So we went and ended up really quite enjoying it :slight_smile:
Not sure if that because:
a) we were on a lot of drugs
b) they were actually quite good
c) we’re all massive tories

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My favourite Keane song (I quite like Keane, and I’m only sharing it here because it’s so rare that people say even vaguely positive things about them here!)

Fun story about U2. I really liked Discotheque when it came out. I bought the single. It was the fucking ‘disc 2’ single which only had a shit remix on it. Distraught.

It wasn’t fun, was it?


fucking great track

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Really is. That remix was shite though. Don’t think it even had the riff in it.