Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation is 31

Looks like some concert footage and docs coming out towards the end of the month. Yes please!


Sonic Youth were a good band


My favourite of theirs for sure. Still sounds great today. HB DN! :partying_face:

This thread is old, I guess it’s 31 now, sorry. Great record tho.

I just bumped it as there didn’t seem to be a SY thread and I’m listening to Goo for the first time in ages cos @ttf was talking about the Dirty Boots video somewhere on here last week and then I heard it referenced in a Fred Thomas song as well

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Daydream Nation still fucking rips. Will throw it on later.

Saw that documentary actually. Met Steve Shelley at the screening. What a nice man.


This looks ace…Experimental Jet Set era set


Nice range of different era sets on BC:

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Lee has been getting in on the Bandcamp action too

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oh yes

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