Sonntag 19 Feber


Good morning from Innsbruck. I could happily get used to this view, but unfortunately I have to leave to go to the Swiss border. This was the first time I’d properly been to the city rather than just changing trains, and I was really impressed with the place. For some reason I had low expectations. The fact it’s both a big university town and a ski resort means that there’s lots to do, and people are way nicer than Vienna.


I also enjoyed this article:



Got a but more time to kill in Birmingham. So probably going to see The Grand Illusion at the electric.


Amazingly deep blue sky.

Had a Saturday off the booze, and went to bed early without setting an alarm last night. Every now and again it’s good to wake up feeling how you’re suppose to feel.

Not much planned for today. Going to do a batch of a pasta sauce, and Sale vs Wasps is on the telly at half two. Probably do some weights as well.


Just had bacon, poached eggs and beans for breakfast.

Waiting for Szymon in the apple van with the Ocado order.

Gonna wash me car.

Play video games.

Pork belly for dinner tonight :slight_smile:


Looks quite stunning Em!

I’m up early (ish) after steering clear of booze last night. Just put on some laundry and I’m about to go for a swim. Spending the afternoon with a friend who’s back for the week from China - I imagine this will mean this mornings healthiness will be made redundant.


Love your almost diary-like posts :smiley:

We moved yesterday, so I’m shattered. We don’t have a functioning kitchen so will probably go out for some breakfast when Mr pn wakes up :ok_hand:

Today’s plan: sort through the mountains of boxes and bags and put them into some sort of order; lots of tea. Probably go to our local again tonight, where the landlord now knows us (this has always always been an aim of mine) and was last night telling me what beer they’re getting in. I love that pub.


Might just go back to bed, tbqfh.


Plan is drink coffee and watch frasier. Beyond that i got nothing. Might play ocarina of time.


Cut Nintendo out of the equation and just get yourself an ocarina.


I feel shabby.

I have to mark Higher English essays and plan a lesson for tomorrow.

Roasting a chicken at some point.

Will probably watch the football later.


That doesnt sound like as much fun


Having a cuddle with my little doggo. Going to take her to meet my gf’s pal and her gf’s doggo later. Apparently they’re making us a roast dinner :+1:


That is one talented pair of pooches.


Nearly spat my tea out at this.


good morning everyone


drinking and taking pills at 10:30 on a Sunday morning.

Great start to the day.


Just remembered i broke my laptop screen last night and have no money to get it fixed. Sweet.


You probably shouldn’t have done that.


Crossing over from the Tyrol to the Arlberg. The views from the train look like this.

I’m also 900m above sea level in a remote mountain valley and I still have 4g. We are truly living in the future.