A temporary hello from Bavaria. I’ll be back in Austria in 15 minutes though.

Here’s some pictures of Innsbruck for you. I’m heading on the train to a place between Linz and Salzburg. No idea what it’s like. It’s my last work assignment, which is good as I’m knackered and have had a stinking cold all week.

Wie geht’s euch?


Hallo, Em. Ich bin krank und hab’ kein Bock für etwas


Youre drinking beer and watching the jason statham film, right?


Hello em et al. Might go for a walk around vicky park. Might stay home and work on music, not sure yet. First: coffeeeee.


Ja ich hab’ auch wenige Gusta für irgendwas. Blöde Kinder und seine Bakteria


morning all.

was going to go out on a bike ride not been out in ages but feeling very lazy and it’s raining and not nice outside. bleurgh. will feel shit if I don’t go.


Ich bin at work. Es ist sehr langweilig.


Working on and off. Going to the pub later then to my parents for food and to discuss holiday plans.


I think we’re going mattress shopping today.

Just had a nice coffee.

I’ve got leftover pizza.


Walked home in the pissing rain and wind. Walked out of Tesco without paying for my newspaper as I had it tucked under my arm and forgot to scan it. Minor victory there I suppose?

Oh yeah, going to write for the day. Four reviews to do.


Morning Em, hope you’ve nearly gotten over that cold! Feel better soon! I’m not going to pretend like I know how to say this in German…

Suppose to be going round a friends place for a board games afternoon but urmm I’m still in bed and we were suppose meeting at 11am… I’m going to be late.




hope they still let you on dis from jail kg



No idea why I’m awake. Need to basically sleep all day in preparation for Oscars night.


congrats. what are you nominated for?


Wir gehts gut danke, Innsbruck ist sehr schön!

Ich sehe das fußball heute, es ist der OLD FARM DERBY. Dann, das kino für ein dokumentarie auf The New Porographers.

Bis bald!


Just in from Brizzle. Powered through and got a 7 o clock megabus back to the big smoke because I’m a tank.
My atd asked me to be his co-best man with his older brother last night. Still a bit emotional just thinking about it. I have to write a speech :smiley:


Last night I went to a bar where you could get your haircut. Sounds risky. Just ate bacon and eggs.


In the haircut bar? Controversial choice!


when does domino’s open