Sonos PLAY:1 (marckee, get in here you Which?/What Hi-Fi? hero)

Anybody got one and are they any cop? Vodafone are currently offering a free’un if you take up their broadband for 18 months.

I wouldn’t use Which? reviews for hi-fi/tech stuff.

What Hi-Fi have all their reviews available on line, I think.

I have never used a Sonos, so don’t know how good they are these days.

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Thank you for your time.

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Is he the guy who staged Charlottesville?

Who, @marckee?

This is a terrible attempt at a pun.

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We’ve got one. It’s pretty good but to get the real power out of them you want to get a bunch of them and that’s just ridic £££.

Also they seem to have put the price of the play1 up to 200 quids.

I think with hindsight just a decent bluetooth speaker would have served our purpose better.

If it’s free though…

The internet is telling me this is because of Brexit :confused:

Cheers for the advice though David, may as well get a free one and then pick up another down the line.

I have one (two actually, but one’s in storage), it is an excellent speaker, but I don’t know if it’s any better than similarly priced hifi shit.

It’s pretty much accepted as the best speaker of it’s size and price point that is on the market, so if it’s free then I would definitely consider it.

I have 2 x Play 1s a play bar and a play 5 around my house. I have a feeling they are about to launch a new version of the play one based on the beta testing I’m doing for them.

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Ooft! Nice setup emo. I guess the fact that there’s no bluetooth isn’t much of an issue then?

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We’ve got two, little round one on the kitchen and bigger long type one in the lounge. I like them a lot, maybe not amazing sound but for the size and ease of setup they are great…

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I’ve got a pair of 1s (one in the kitchen, one in the living room).

Wanna come round and hang out in the hall and listen to some tunes?

Wait! Did I tell you about my car? I drive a Hyundai. An i30!!!



Cheers slickers! Sounds like I’d be an eejit to pass up a free one.

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That’s the PLAY:1 FFS


Not really - it’s for use at home and you use the wifi. Definitely find it easy to use.

If you are looking for bluetooth or something you can use elsewhere without wifi then I’d go for something by cambridge audio - they do some really good options.

This really surprises me to hear as from what I experienced it pisses all over anything else at the price in terms of quality and power.
Especially once you’ve tuned it with truplay etc.

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The sound quality is excellent I reckon

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Your kids got the app? Mind love putting on ridiculously loud nonsense from upstairs

Yeah this.

Especially once truplayed and if you know what you’re doing - EQ’d it.