Jägerbombs all round?!


You’re buying Jordo!


checks watch



a truly delicious drink


let’s get smashed!


I have to say I do still enjoy a jagerbomb you know. Won’t do any other shot but this… yeah why not.



absolutely not


quite like them but the smell stays with me until morning
no thank you


Last time I was hungover after drinking Jäger I felt like someone stabbed me in the chest.


Classic Numbers thread! Classic.


Boughy my father-in-law his first ever Jägerbomb a couple of months ago. He counts it as one of his favourite ‘cocktails’ now.


when you’re cleaning up after a party and you find shot glasses with jager left in and obviously spilled all around them oooft that smell.


Horrible business.




Had them a once or twice - one time caused instant vomiting and another time caused a feeling not unlike seasickness allday the next day. Would try again.


just remembering that time you basically forced me to drink the contents of our spirits “cupboard”, so glad there wasn’t any jager in there, christ


your cupboard mate, only yourself to blame there


Nazi drink, innit.

(and not very nice)


Do you ever do a hungover poo and it smells like red Bull?