Feel like this sound has more longevity/scope for an album than what she was doing before. Couldn’t really imagine a full length LP following in the same mold as the EP. Even across 25 minutes that was a bit tiring. Don’t love, love the single, but it’s decent and suggests a way forward for the project


Ahh man, didn’t know she was coming out with this until just now. Wasn’t a huge fan of Sophie so much but this song is v cool


More typical of what you’d expect from her


really undersold this, here. it’s fucking great


Yeah, really good this


There’s all kinds of reasons why SOPHIE doing an interview with Teen Vogue is great



Ponyboy has been on my ‘best tracks’ playlist since it came out and keeps on playing at random slightly embarrassing moments (mum in the car, colleague in the car, work when i undocked my laptop and spotify played over the speaker).

I’m not ashamed though


great track. and that cover art is amazing


Really great stuff, as usual.



Shit, didn’t realise this came out yesterday!

Excited for giving it a listen


It’s really good.


Yeah really enjoying this - Definitely gives me Arca vibes at points with those deconstructed industrial sounds mixed with more ethereal moments.


I think she’s nailed the sound and production, but the songwriting isn’t as great as some of her earlier work. There isn’t a hook on here on par with ‘I can make you feel better…if you let me’ from Bipp.

Still reckon Nothing More To Say is her best by miles and she hasn’t really topped it since. Obviously she’s operating in a different sphere now, but still.


Surprised this hasn’t gotten more chat on the boards. This is one of the best so far this year, i’m obsessed with it


Really like it but still getting into it. Think there’s more for me to get my ears around. The sound production is brilliant . Also the ideas and themes of the album are genuinely transgressive . Big love to Sophie !



Ooh, playing at Fabric (on normal gig time)