saw her at the weekend in Holland, it was a pretty intense experience to say the least

Immaterial is basically my song of the year at this point. Future queer pop classic.

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she’s playing Soup Kitchen in Manchester, so might be doing other smaller venues

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Wonder if i can get to the Sophie show in manchester and then back down to London for Mew matinee the day after…

Sophie gig listed at finishing at 4 so could sleep on the first train down to london which is 5:30 I think

Sleep is for the weak!

(I’m a very weak man)

Saw her at Kitchen Street, Liverpool on Saturday night. Due to my completely overdoing it, I don’t really remember much from her set, apart from Immaterial, which banged. The atmosphere was great though, just felt like a messy, smoky, queer club night, which I suppose it was. Looking forward to some more albums.


Not sure I can make the Fabric gig tonight anymore, on the off chance anyone is after tickets…

Potentially! I’ll DM you…

Mine too, it’s the best


I would have one if there’s any still going?

Did anyone go to Fabric last week? Any good?

Saw her back in March @ Heaven but now wish I’d made the effort and seen her again.

It was dreadful. Nothing like the Heaven show, which clearly cost too much money and now she’s doing 40% effort DJ sets masquerading as headline sets. Lots of people desperately trying to love it and then grumbling on the way out.

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Wow…ok. Surprised to hear that.

She was bangin’ at Heaven. One of my fav shows of the year.

Oof. Shame. She got so many good reviews of the LP that it would have been a great way to capitalise on this. I had tickets but couldn’t make it. Glad I managed to get to Heaven. Found the shirt I bought there. Way too big, but a great memento (dated with my

Having read some reviews of the Fabric show it seems that the grumbling was down to her refusing to the hits. Respect, girl. But all of them were positive reviews, nevertheless. Wish I’d went.

Have I ever stated that I went on a few dates with the girl who supplied lead vocals on ‘Lemonade’?

True story.

Nah, I can deal with an artist not playing any hits but it was legitimately bad, sadly. She was clearly off her head as well and was falling all over the place. Take a look at the FB event discussion for some reaction. It was a mess, and reports of her US shows suggest it wasn’t a one off.

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I enjoyed it. Fabric soundsytem possibly helped.

Yeah, I’ve decided that I want it played at my funeral. :sunglasses:

How did it differ from her Heaven show? I was their for that and it was amazing.

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